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Licence Transfer
Instructions for transferring the licence to another computer, or upgrading the present computer.

Request for a new activation code
In order to get a new free activation code we ask you to remove the previous licence and send us the Removal code together with the new MID and Site codes.
The software will revert to demo mode upon licence removal. This will give you time to set up and activate the software onto the new computer without downtime.

Before you start the upgrade or transfer: press the Scroll Lock (ScrLk) key and launch the software (Caps Lock must be off). The registration panel will appear.
(Software downloaded after July 2016 use Ctrl+CapsLock if ScrLk doesn't work)
-Enter the Activation (unlock) code we previously sent to you. Click the "Remove licence" option, then "Continue"(Some versions say "Launch Software" or "Start Demo"). Keep a record of the "Removal Code" you are given!
-After you have finished your upgrade, reinstall the software and follow the procedure to register and activate the software.
Alternatively, install the software onto another computer and follow the procedure to register and activate the software.
-When you send us the new MID and Site codes, you must also send us the removal code.

Important: We will accept requests for new activation codes without a removal code if you were not able to remove your licence because of:

- virus attack resulting in disk format.
- any software caused computer crash resulting in reinstallation of operating system.
- hard drive hardware failure.

Please note that you must include your order number and or removal code with all requests for a licence transfer.